OKBET: PH Futsal Plays In Guam This Weekend

This weekend at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium, the newly-formed Philippine women’s futsal squad will compete against Guam in a two-game friendly series.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, the “Pinay 5” team will battle Guam. Saturday and Sunday in an effort to bring futsal, the indoor equivalent of football, back into relevance during the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic.

The head of the futsal department for the Philippine Football Federation, Kevin Goco, stated that putting the girls into action, who are now ranked 54th in the world, is a “wonderful method” to kickstart the resuscitation of the Philippine futsal teams.

During the pre-match news conference on Friday at the aforementioned venue, Goco stated that these international friendlies are the first step towards reestablishing the program for the national team. “From these first two games, we will be able to examine our strengths and weaknesses and then be able to come up with a plan long-term,” Goco explained. “Why the women? Because coach Vic Hermans, who is also our technical director and coach, truly feels very strongly that the Philippines has a lot of promise with women’s futsal,”

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The majority of the “Pinay 5” players are alumni of the Tuloy sa Don Bosco Foundation. According to Goco, it was not a difficult choice to bring them into the fold as they maintained training despite the Covid-19 lockdown, which suspended practically all of the traditional sports for a while.

“I think we have a fantastic relationship. Tuloy sa Don Bosco, for the previous two years of the pandemic, has been training continuously, sometimes two to three times a day, so the pandemic didn’t stop them. So when things started to open up again, naturally, the fittest females —those who truly still have their fitness and skills— are really the Don Bosco girls compared to the girls who have stopped entirely playing futsal,” Goco said, adding that the

According to Goco, the futsal competitions will assist Guam in bolstering its fledgling program as well.

“I believe it’s a good assessment for both teams because both of us are really just beginning out,” he said. “I think it’s a good assessment for both teams because both of us are really just starting out.” “Both Guam and the Philippines feel very strongly that there is a future for women’s futsal in the region.”

The Ninoy Aquino Stadium has a capacity limit, thus tickets can be reserved through the Futsal Philippines’ Facebook page. Despite the fact that admission is free for both matches, tickets are required due to the stadium’s capacity.

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