PSC prepares sporting facilities for Team Philippines

On Monday, the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) made the announcement that the facilities at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex (RMSC) and the PhilSports Complex are currently being prepared for the use of the country’s national athletes.

Both the Republic of the Philippines Sports Center (RMSC) in Malate, Manila and the PhilSports Complex, located in Pasig City, are used by various national teams as training and competition venues.

PSC chairman Noli Eala remarked in a press statement, “We are excited to see the national athletes back in training in these facilities.” “We are excited to see the national athletes back in training in these facilities.”

He stated that the agency is “full steam ahead” in its efforts to guarantee that the national team and grassroots partners receive the services they require IN psc.

The Rizal Memorial Coliseum (RMC) and the Ninoy Aquino Stadium (NAS) are the two key facilities that make up the RMSC. In the year 2020, these two venues served the government as medical centers and quarantine facilities for Covid-19 sufferers.

The RMSC Baseball and Softball Field, Tennis Center, Swimming and Diving Pool, Wushu and Wrestling Gyms, Billiards, and Judo Hall are all currently available for use by national athletes. A brand new Squash Center has also recently been built.

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The Philippine Football League, which is currently being sanctioned by the Philippine Football Federation and will continue until October, is currently being played at the Track and Football Stadium, which was the location of the Asian Football Federation Women’s Championship in July of last year.

In addition, the Rizal Memorial Coliseum, Badminton Hall, and Table Tennis Center are currently undergoing preparations. The Ninoy Aquino Stadium will not reopen until the 30th of September. The Philippine National Police handed over control of the PhilSports Multi-Purpose Arena in the month of June of last year.

Both national athletes and para athletes are welcome to utilize the other facilities of the PSC, including the Fencing Hall, Swimming Pool, Track and Field Oval, and Football Field. These facilities are open to the public.

The training facilities on the second level of the Philsports PSC Dining Hall will be shared by athletes competing in the sports of kurash and karatedo. The dormitories at PhilSports are now being used as housing for athletes competing for the national teams in fencing and track and field.

Eala stated that the protocols for health and safety are being followed in all of the sports facilities.

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